Card/Label Friction Feeders

Cards - Coupons - Envelopes - Labels - Leaflets & Paper Feeding

Single Feeding, Batch Counting, Single Stream or Twin Stream Models

Our Friction Feeders are designed to feed flat or folded cards, leaflets and magazines, etc. from credit card size up to an A4 (297 x 210mm)

Each item is fed from the bottom of the pile by friction belts. The hopper has an open top and can be continuously replenished whilst running

Micro-processor control allows for an automatic self correcting feature to be incorporated. This feature means that when the feeder comes to a product that is out of place in the stack, where most feeders would stop, this feeder will continue to feed correctly.

Each feeder has a separate electronic control box which can be positioned anywhere within 1.5 meters of the feeder. The power supply requirement is 240v, 1ph, 6amps.

Batch counting

This attachment is available for dispensing a number of items together.

Standard inside = 416mm ( other sizes available on request )

Each item may be fed onto a conveyer, dropped into a tray, box or carton etc. The feeder can be signalled from an external source, a photocell or sensor, to remain in synchronisation with any another piece of equipment. It feeds on a demand signal, the signal can be made to dispense one or a predetermined number of items as required.

Friction Feeder with lug conveyor

The unit can be supplied in a twin-single stream version, feeding either two labels side by side or a single stream down the centre line of the conveyor. When feeding a twin stream there is a small gap between the labels on the centreline of the machine.Incorporating a standard Friction Feeder.The lug conveyer can be changed to (3”, 6”or 9 inch spacings). A quick change-over method by means of a selection collar on the side of the machine makes this possible.The whole assembly will slide backwards to accommodate the longer label lengths.

Range of labels that can be fed.

  • Maximum 300mm wide (across the machine) x 200mm long (single stream)
  • Maximum 150mm wide (across the machine) x 200mm long (double stream)
  • Minimum 38mm wide (across the machine) x 20mm long (double stream)