Offline Batch Gluer

For assembling draw tickets, raffle tickets, small pamphlets / booklets etc.

No more hand counting and stapling together setís of Raffle / Draw Tickets, Bookletís etc.

Eliminate the bindery costs.

Attached to a numbering machine Auto Feeders batch gluer will collate pre-printed sheets into predetermined sets, by applying lines of glue dots to the sheets giving the appearance of the books being stitched together

Just enter in the counter the amount of tickets required in a booklet. It will then inhibit the glue on the top page of each booklet.

Sheets are aligned a long one edge of the motorised conveyor with an adjustable side-lay to suit the sheet width. The machine then simply reacts to the arrival of each sheet gluing the sheets accordingly. Sheets are jogged in position in the adjustable collection tray.

Off-line automatic batch gluer attached to FSN rotary numbering machine with Pafra gluing system.

Optional: A sheet stacker can fitted rather than a collection tray.